Blast Off with Tips to Speed up Your WordPress Site

Global Dynamic Services Inc wants to crank up the speed of your WordPress website.

Everyone knows that in order to keep a visitor on your site, the site needs to be delivered in a timely manner. We are talking the quantum reality of customer interaction here; a second too long can mean the difference between more user stats to browse through and languishing in the questions of what might’ve been, if your business had a faster website.
Global Dynamic Services, in it’s typical curious tinkering fashion, has experimented with several options for increasing the speed of our sites. Google rankings, visitor retention, and overall impression you give to your customers are several of the most important aspects that rely on the speed of the load time of your website.

  1. Hosting

    A good host is the first step to creating a zippy site. One of the best out there today for WordPress is WP-Engine.

    Global Dynamics Services also has a great hosting solution for your WordPress site. Whoever you choose, dedicated hosting is by far your preferred server. Shared hosting is subject to bandwidth and latency issues at a far greater rate than a dedicated stack.

  2. Use an Efficient Cache Control Plugin

    W3 TotalCache is one of the best plugins available for controlling the cache on your WordPress site. When it is properly configured it can very quickly and very noticeably boost the speed of the pages on your site.

  3. Delete Post Revisions

    WordPress automatically saves your post revisions and as you can imagine, these can add up very quickly. In order to control the amount of revisions stored you can use a plugin like Revision Control to limit the number of posts saved, freeing up memory and speeding up your site.

…a second too long can mean the difference between more user stats to browse through and languishing in the questions of what might’ve been, if your business had a faster website.

  1. Use a Content Delivery Network


    A content delivery network (CDN) decreases the amount of time it takes to deliver your static files by serving the files from a nearby data center. There are a bunch of different options for utilizing a CDN with your WordPress site. You can use our previously mentioned, W3 Total Cache. You can sync with your Amazon S3/CloudFront,MaxCDN, WebDAV, FTP and Rackspace CloudFiles using the CDN Sync Tool plugin. A more all-in-one solution is the MaxCDN plugin. It is highly recommended to use a CDN to help deliver your content in a fast manner. Global Dynamic Services will help you decide which solution is the best for your site.

  2. Optimize Your Database

    The database can become a messy place; you need a good plugin to keep its performance availability at a prime level. WP-Optimize is great. There is also the WP-DB Manager which also has other features including scheduling database backups and optimizations.

  3. Optimize Your Images

    WP-Smushit is a great plugin for automatically resizing your images; reducing the size of them without losing out on quality. jQuery Image Lazy Load automatically adds a LazyLoad functionality to your images. LazyLoad is the trick of only loading the images that are visible in the browser, and waiting to load the other images, further down the page, until the user scrolls down to them.

There are so many tricks to getting your content in front of the viewer quicker and since this is a vital aspect to keeping visitors on your site, why not let the talented professionals at Global Dynamic Services Inc. rig your site for prime-time speed presentation?