No File Left Behind: Global Dynamic Services on Domain Transfers

Long Island Web Designers, Global Dynamic Services offers web hosting and domain transfers and/or registration.  You may already have a domain that just needs to some hosting, or a hosted site that needs to be updated to a more robust hosting account.  You can visit us at and sign up for a new hosting account and contact us to transfer your domain over. Domain transfers can be a complicated process, considering the record changes, decisions regarding email setup and locations, and more.  We will check off every necessary step to insure that your website has a secure, up to date home for delivering your content to the diverse and demanding www community.

FTP or File Transfer Protocol, is a method used for getting files and media onto the web server. Transfering over files from an existing site is an essential step in a domain and hosting transfer. Once again Global Dynamic Services has you covered. You can count on us to get every one of your invaluable files from your old setup to your brand new site location.

There are alternate ways of getting information onto a website, such as import modules/plugins, CSV data sheets and MySQL database. All of which are daily functions of GDS’s knowledgeable staff.

Websites can be complicated, great websites should maintain functional form. Getting a professional to help you achieve the elegance you require for your brand online is great start, having a team is even better.

Global Dynamic Services Inc pledges to every client and future client to make any domain and/or hosting transfer as professional, efficient and quick as possible. No File Left Behind. That is GDS’s motto for Hosting, Domain Transfers, and Website Relocation.