Enter The Penguin 2.0: Google’s Latest Webspam Algorithm

Global Dynamic Services Inc’s search engine optimization team has shared the news that Google has officially released the latest update to the algorithm for Penguin. Penguin 2.0 is the fourth update to Google’s web spam algorithm under its current moniker; formerly referred to as Panda, a name which stuck for 26 updates. Some website owners have noticed some changes recently in their website rankings on Google search.  Those noticing the greatest detriment to their ranking initially are, accurately enough, abusers of the tactics of SEO, black-hatters as it is, game sites, and less savory WWW destinations such as porn sites.  The game might be getting more tricky for some, but the Webmaster Guidelines remain with plenty to say about how to do your SEO right by Google.

Matt Cutts delivers the news on his website and the SEO world has already begun clamor and strategize for ways to make sure they are not caught in the undertow.  Wait, shouldn’t I say the net?  Toom nay possible puns there, and besides, as Mr. Cutts alluded to, Penguin will be taking the offensive:

We’re also looking at some ways to go upstream to deny the value to link spammers–some people who spam links in various ways. We’ve got some nice ideas on trying to make sure that that becomes less effective and so we expect that that will roll out over the next few months as well.

Among those coping with this new development, rather humorously I might add, are Art Enke over at B2C  and Mr. Demers at SEJ.

You might be wondering what link-spamming is or what the similar ‘white-hat’ version of link building is.  Here is a great link on link building (it’s kind of awesome how that link practically vignettes into itself…anyway)

With the practice of link building possibly coming under fire, and the fix for spammers and black-hatters, one thing is clear:

This Penguin has teeth.