Pinterest Adds More Information To Pins For Curious Users


It started as a simple idea of allowing people to virtually pin something they found interesting to their own board, Pinterest has progressively become more informative as it ages.  Recently, the Pinterest team has allowed users to learn from the things that they pin as they travel around the site and find other things that interest them.

As you scroll through Pinterest and see, for example, a pair of shoes that you liked, there is an icon below the picture that shows you information about the shoe, such as, availability, where to buy, and the cost for purchase. For users who pin food to their page, there is now an icon that shows you the recipes, cook times, and serving amounts of the food that is shown. The Pinterest UI team have also added movie icons that show the film’s ratings and cast members amongst other things.

Stretching beyond Pinterest, the pin button is now available in other mobile applications such as Etsy, The North Face, Brit+Co.   This change allows users to pin things that interest them to their board directly from other these apps.

The only potential downside that this update includes is that users must update their account to the “new look” to have access to these new pins; however, resistance is futile as we find with most social media sites, as all users will be forced to switch in the near future.

Pinterest has become one of the easiest ways for people to explore interesting topics via the Internet. Not only does this update make it easier than ever to learn about different cultures, products, and ideas– it is just the start for more updates to come.  The Pinterest team said that they’re working on making all types of pins handier in the near future. Keep your eye out for these updates because they are only getting bigger and better as time goes on.