Facebook has finally introduced hashtags for its users on Wednesday. Hashtags have been used on social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and tumblr, but Facebook has frayed from the #hashtag world until now. Now, Facebook users can tag a person, place, and a thing in one post, which does pose many advantages for users. Although, there are ways that this introduction may annoy some of Facebook’s users.

Some disadvantages could occur #when #people #overuse #hashtags. Consider this possibly annoying situation: while watching a basketball game, an avid fan (who happens to be your Facebook friend) would make close to 20 twitter posts including hashtags during the course of the game. Now that Facebook includes hashtags, this friend is now blowing up your news feed with irrelevant posts like “This ref sucks!!! #GetSomeGlasses”

This may get quite annoying to some users so if that sounds irritating to you, be ready to start removing some friends, because Facebook hashtags are here to stay.

A huge advantage of using Facebook hashtags versus other hashtag-equipped platforms is Facebook’s extensive database of information. With the introduction of hashtags, users are enabled to search through this data for what interests them at any given time. This has become a benefit for the users brands gathering big data and the brands themselves to attract more users.

This also gives companies a way to track product opinions through consumer’s posts on Facebook. How often do you see a post on Facebook complaining about a product or service? Now companies more than ever will be able to adjust according to what their consumers want.

When Instagram users choose to share a post on Facebook, the hashtags that they include will be enabled on Facebook as well. Although following the hashtag through Facebook will only show content that it matches on Facebook, and not Instagram content.