Wait, GDS does photography?

You better believe Global Dynamic Services does photography!

Do you edit those photos, you ask? Oh yeah!

How about video, right? Better believe it! In fact, we recently partnered with the very talented staff at New Media Exposure, so our video chops have just jumped into a new stratosphere!

So photo, video… editing on both…wait wait wait, what kind of editing? Well, Photoshop primarily for still images. But what about video, right? I know where you’re going with this one. We have top of the line NLE’s (that’s Non-Linear Editor in filmmaker-speak) and motion graphics compositors at our disposal to “pimp out” and “pump up” any video we create. That’s right we shoot video too! Oh, whats motion graphics and compositors? Well, without giving a full lesson on moving image design, motion graphics are those cool animations of text and shapes that take videos from cool to “whoa, where’d you get that done?!?”* A compositor is useful in a video post production workflow as the main tool for motion graphics, visual effects and similar processes. We really like After Effects for our tool in post production.

So, Global does custom web design & development, custom app design & development, hosting & domain registration, SEO, marketing, and photography, videography, & editing too?!? Why yes, yes we do.